Little Green Box

26. European. I have a deep love for a vast amount of TV shows both old and new. I also fangirl over too many actresses and love junk food.

I lived in the town these people are from so I claim them as my home bank, k?!

Heyo #Canada, we got #maple leaves ourselves! #autumn #nofilter

I love #autumn

"I don’t wanna start over with someone else. I don’t wannda do everything myself"

Can you tell the trails were a bit muddy today? #running

Thursday night jam

Can you tell I was bored out of my mind today?! #doodling #youdoodleidoodletoo

They had to really dumb down my martial art skills. Because I’m a 10th degree black belt in every martial art. I did Kung Fu when I was, I think, in like third grade. So I was pretty much qulified to kick ass in space.

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You know what the worst part about this is? It’s the party they’re having in the West Wing right now at my expense. They like to win, and then they like to gloat.
I’m sure you’re wrong. There are very serious men and women at the White House. There’s no cause to gloat.

In the beginning of October, Germany hosts the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt and this year, I was amongst the visitors. read more

I was just about to put out a new doormat that said, “go away.”

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