Little Green Box

26. European. I have a deep love for a vast amount of TV shows both old and new. I also fangirl over too many actresses and love junk food.

Dinner à la Julia Child. Mastering the art of French Cooking like a boss!

This is how I roll, deal with it (or don’t because I can’t hear you over the awesomeness of my #stripes)



It’s this idea of “Hey, dudes are dudes.”

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I swear this is the last new hair selfie for a while. But I’m loving it so much! Also look at those curls, damn.

And the curls are already staging their comeback. #notstraightevenifitried

And this just happened. It’s too early to know how I feel about it!

Last terrible quality picture to document all the hair that was.


Laura Benanti in the Playboy Club.

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Sexy and He know it

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